Current Available URLs

Girls17Sarah webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls17Sarah.ics
Girls12Lauryn webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls12Lauryn.ics
Girls16Gabi webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls16Gabi.ics
Girls18Lauryn webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls18Lauryn.ics
Girls15Mariah webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls15Mariah.ics
Boys18Keenan webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Boys18Keenan.ics
Boys16Pat webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Boys16Pat.ics
Girls13Dave webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls13Dave.ics
Boys13Felix webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Boys13Felix.ics
Girls14Lisa webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls14Lisa.ics
Girls14Roni webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls14Roni.ics
Girls14Will webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls14Will.ics
Girls15Bert webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls15Bert.ics
Girls16Mike webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls16Mike.ics
Girls12Danielle webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls12Danielle.ics
BoysBoysHSNT webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/BoysBoysHSNT.ics
Girls15Dave webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls15Dave.ics
Girls14Shawn webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls14Shawn.ics
Girls18Pat webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls18Pat.ics
Girls15Todd webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls15Todd.ics
Boys16Jordan webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Boys16Jordan.ics
Girls16Troy webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls16Troy.ics
Girls17Steve webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls17Steve.ics
Boys14Mike webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Boys14Mike.ics
Girls16D'Arbra webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Girls16D'Arbra.ics
Boys15Charlie webcal://www.epicvb.com/calendars_teams/Boys15Charlie.ics

Detailed Application-specific Instructions

Apple iCal - Mac:

  1. Select a team from the pulldown menu.
  2. Simply click on the ICAL logo --> . This should jump you to iCal and subscribe you to the calendar.
  1. From within iCal, choose "Subscribe" from the "Calendar" menu at the top of your screen.
  2. Enter the full URL (listed above) to the desired iCalendar file in the "Subscribe to:" box and click "Subscribe".
  3. iCal will then download the calendar and bring you to a screen which allows you to give a title to that calendar. Check the "Refresh:" checkbox and select "every day" which will instruct iCal to check for updates to the calendar on a daily basis.
  4. That's it. Your new calendar will appear, and you can choose to show or hide it by selecting or deselecting the calendar's title in the "Calendars" screen.
  5. To synchronize this calendar to your portable device, make sure that your portable device is supported by Apple, open the iSync application, add the device to iSync, and press the "Sync" button.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 - Windows:

  1. Select a team from the pulldown menu.
  2. Simply click on the ICAL logo --> . This should jump you to Outlook and subscribe you to the calendar.

Google Calendar - Any computer with a web browser:

  1. Go to http://www.google.com/calendar and sign in. If you do not have a Google Account create one using the link provided at the bottom of the page.
  2. In the other calendars section - lower left - click on "Add" - then "Add by URL"
  3. Enter the full URL (listed above)
  4. The new calendar will now appear and is accesible from the Other Calendars menu located on the left hand side of the screen.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Windows:

  1. You need to add a com object to handle this -- http://sourceforge.net/projects/remotecalendars/ Follow their instructions carefully.
  2. After the download - install all Prerequisites applications - meaning - open this directory and run the installers from top to bottom of this directory.
  3. After restarting your machine, when you launch Outlook you should have a new toolbar.
  4. The first item allows you to add a new remote calendar. Select this and fill in the url to your team

EventSherpa - Windows:

  1. From within EventSherpa, choose "Subscribe to Calendar" from the "Calendar" menu at the top of your screen.
  2. Enter the full URL (listed above) to the desired iCalendar file in the "Calendar Location:" box and click "OK"
  3. EventSherpa will then download the calendar and display it on your screen with the title of "New Calendar" under the "My Calendars" group on the left. Updates by default are scheduled for every hour that EventSherpa is opened.

Mozilla Sunbird - Windows/Mac:

  1. Download and install Mozilla Sunbird (if you do not already have it installed).
  2. From within Sunbird, choose "Subscribe to Remote Calendar" from the "File" menu at the top of your screen.
  3. Select the "Remote" radio button and click "Continue".
  4. Select the "WebDAV" option and enter the full URL (listed above) to the desired iCalendar file in the "Location:" box and click "Continue".
  5. Name the calendar and select the colour you would like these events listed in, then click "Continue".
  6. Your calendar will be downloaded, and you can click "Done" to exit the wizard.
  7. Finally, right click on your newly created calendar in the "Calendars" tab on the left, and click "Edit Calendar". Select the "Read-only" option and then click "OK" to stop your calendar from trying to publish (and timeout) any modifications you attempt to make.
  8. You can create additional calendars for your personal events, if you wish.

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