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Welcome to Epic's College Coach section. We've organized it to make information available to you about our players who are seniors and juniors. When you click below on a year, you'll see an alphabetical list of all the players in that year (uncommitted first, then committed players). Please note that that you can sort this list by height as well (just click on the button in the upper right).

To see more details on a particular player, click on the "Read" button in the "Bio" column for that player. For girls, until early December of each year, the team listed is the team they were on the past season (through July of that year). For the boys, it changes in early October.

If you want to contact a player directly, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please to send an email to Epic's Head Coach, Pat Bonner, or you can call him at 858-486-5228.

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Colleges selected by former Epic players

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