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Girls 2023 Non-Traveling Tournaments
(Hosted at the San Diego Volleyball Club facility)

The first event of the year will be seeded based on the information that is supplied to us from the club directors. The next four events we will try to match teams up by ability. We are going to try and put an emphasis on playing teams of similar ability at each event rather than diversity. It is possible that you may play teams from your own club or a team you played last tournament.

The Fall-Series organizers will make every effort to separate teams from the same club in the first tournament.
All of our events will provide, one referee per court. Teams will provide line judges and scorekeepers, as assigned. The facility will open 30 mins before each wave begins play. If you are in a P.M. pool please donít arrive to the gym until 30 minutes prior to your start time so we can get the morning camps cleaned up.

About Fall-Series Non-Traveling Tournaments
These tournaments are intended for teams that do not travel and compete in SCVA Regional tournaments.

Click on the appropriate age group below for the Fall-Series Tournament schedule:

Girls 15 and Over Open
Girls 15 and Over Club
Girls 13 and Over Open
Girls 13 and Over Club
Girls 12 and Under Open
Girls 12 and Under Club
All Girls Non-Traveling

Girls 2023 13s Club Non-Traveling Schedule
Status Tournament Date Age Group Type Start Time Entry Deadline
OPEN  Sunday, June 11th 13s Club (13 & Over Club) Pool Play 7:30 AM or 1:30 PM 5/31/2023
OPEN  Saturday, July 29th 13s Club (13 & Over Club) Pool Play 7:30 AM or 1:30 PM 7/19/2023
OPEN  Saturday, August 12th 13s Club (13 & Over Club) Pool Play 7:30 AM or 1:30 PM 8/2/2023

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