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  If you are looking for tournaments to play in during the Fall, be sure and check out our Fall Series. Click here for more information.

December 2023 Tournaments
  Looking for a tournament to play in during the month of December? Look no further, we have a date for 12s, 14s, & HS teams.

Click here to find the date for each age group and entry forms.

  Congratulations to the 2023 Volley-Fest season points champions in each age group. This season was filled with some very exciting volleyball and all the teams showed tremendous improvement as the season progressed.

16 Open Season Points Champion: SDVBC HS Black

14 Open Season Points Champion: SoCal 13Angel

12 Open Season Points Champion: Neptune Luck Dragons

16 Club Season Points Champion: Pointbreak HS L4

14 Club Season Points Champion: Storm 14 Sahar

12 Club Season Points Champion: SDVBC 12Purple