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Epic Events wants to run a fun, exciting event for all our visitors. At the same time, we want to watch out for everyone's safety, keep SDVBC/Seaside a great looking place to play volleyball, and be good neighbors to the companies around us. Please help us do this by adhering to the following rules:

  1. Please park only in marked spaces in the rear and the side of the building, adhering to the signs for lots adjacent to SDVBC/Seaside. If you park in the wrong lot, your vehicle may get towed away!

  2. Parking is ALLOWED on the streets.

  3. No ball playing of any sport outside or surrounding areas.

  4. WATER ONLY is allowed on the courts - any and all other food and drink found on the courts will be politely picked up and discarded.

  5. Outside food and drinks are permitted on non-playable surfaces.

  6. Personal chairs are permitted in the building but not on the playing surface.

  7. Please make sure that players have non marking shoes.

  8. No Pets are allowed at SDVBC/Seaside inside or outside.

  9. No photography for commercial purposes is ever permitted in or outside the SDVBC/Seaside, without the express written consent of Epic Events.

Please help us keep the SDVBC/Seaside in great shape by taking care of your own trash, and please respect our neighbors’ properties by not parking in marked areas and by not trampling through landscaping.